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We make learning fun— anytime, anywhere!

Play Atoo is a mobile teacher in a box that makes learning fun, anywhere and anytime!

Play Atoo kits are specially designed to help foster creativity, innovation, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, analytical skills and a range of other essential skill sets.

We design various educational and entertaining kits that helps children (between the age of 7 to 12) learn 5 of the future skills that the World Economic Forum said children within this age group must begin to develop.

Our First Play Atoo Kit

The Universal Learning Board (ULB) and the Learning Activity Pack (LAP) is our first learning and entertainment kit for children between age 7 to 12.

This kit is specially designed for extra-curricular activities that fosters creativity, innovation and a range of other skill sets that are essential for navigating life successfully.

Explore all our first four LAPs (Click to check the Product page): Mystery Sleuth, Life Above the Sea, Time Travel and Safety First.

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