What Is So Special About What We Do At PLAY ATOO?

//What Is So Special About What We Do At PLAY ATOO?

“What is so special about what you do at Play ATOO?” is a very frequent question people ask. And it is very easy to quickly say that we are doing what no one has ever done before but of course that is not true.

What we are simply doing here at Play ATOO with our first kit, called the Universal Learning Board (ULB) for children between age 7 to 12, is to create a very relaxed learning environment where a child can easily develop skills required for the generation Z (children born between 1995 and 2015). These are the same skills that the World Economic forum has termed “an essential skills set for the future of work”.

Key traits of generation Z and How Play ATOO is helping

Generation Z have grown up in a world that hasn’t always made them feel financially secure, and they’ve taken that on board in their plans for their future careers.

Generation Z is more realistic. They dream of becoming entrepreneurs, building up their own businesses and never needing to answer to a boss.

With all the resources of the internet at their disposal, they know that running your own business can be very hard work, but they’re ready for it because they see it as a route to the financial security that they prioritise. (Oxford Royale )

Even though there could be a world where everyone of them would be an entrepreneur of some sort, they still need to arm themselves with skills they can leverage on to work for a while before fully launching their entrepreneurial journey.

Education of course remain key, and self-education will thrive more in the era of generation Z.

The Universal Learning Board (ULB) we designed, which is a mobile teacher in a box, will be a fitting tool for self-education aimed at developing  5 of the 7 future skills that the World Economic Forum said children in this age must begin to develop.

5 future skills children using the ULB and LAP frequently will develop

1. Critical thinking and problem-solving
2. Collaboration and leading by influence
3. Agility and adaptability
4. Initiative and entrepreneurialism
5. Good oral and written communication
6. Accessing and analysing information
7. Curiosity and imagination

The Universal Learning Board ULB which comes with various Learning Activity Pack (LAP) is designed to help children develop all the skills mentioned above, except 3 and 5.

What’s next?

We will be sharing a Before-Meets-After of the kit we designed way back in August 2017 and the new model in 2019— trust that the difference is so much that we had to share this journey with you.

Also, we will be bringing the lovely children that used the first model in 2017 to use the 2019 model and share their experience using both.

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How to get the kit

We are currently working on the first phase of the kit and we will take you along every stage till it is ready for you to pick up. Subscribe with your email address so we can share every single journey and success story with you. Or send us an email: info@playatoo.com

How to get a free trial

We have so many exciting upcoming events across selected cities in Nigeria, where children will get to use these kits we designed for free… Yes free!

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